Titus Livius (livy) for Thracians

"Third Macedonian War"

Фолклорни фестивали и събори
The Battle of Callinicus was fought in 171 BC between Macedon and Rome at the city Callinicus, near Larissa. The Macedonians were led by their king, Perseus of Macedon, while the Roman force was led by consul Publius Licinius Crassus. The Macedonians were victorious. The battle is notable for the prevalent role of cavalry and light infantry as a combined 'task force'. Livy describes this battle at 42.58-60, and according to his account, the heavy infantry were not engaged in this battle. Furthermore, his description provides a rare account of the dynamics of light infantry fighting with cavalry, although this may well be narrative rhetoric on Livy's behalf.
The battle began with a furious charge from Perseus' cavalry against the Greeks and volunteer cavalry in the Roman line. Though this pushed the Roman forces back, a complete rout was prevented by the steady Thessalian cavalry holding the ground behind these Roman forces.
On the Roman right, Caius Crassus faced Cotys in a vicious cavalry-light infantry battle, graphically described by Livy:
"First of all the Thracians, like wild beasts kept in cages and suddenly released, set up a deafening roar and charged the Italian cavalry on the right wing with such fury that, in spite of their experience of war and their native fearlessness, they threw them into disorder. The infantry on both sides snapped the lances of the cavalry with their swords, cut at the legs of the horses and stabbed them in the flanks."

Фолклорни фестивали и събори

Titus Livius Patavinus

Фолклорни фестивали и събори
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