The Slave Who Stirred Up the Empire

Spartacus (111–71 BC)

Фолклорни фестивали и събори
Spartacus is the leader of biggest rebellion of the ancient world.
He is a Thracian from the trible of Medi and lived across the river valley of Struma close to modern Bulgarian city of Sandanski. Spartakus has been taken prisioner by the Romans, sold as a slave and trained at the gladiaror school of Lentulis Batianus in Capua.
In 74 B.C. Spartacus organized some 70 gladiators (Thracians and Cellts) who escaped from the school and started organizing rebellion army.
Several times his army defeated the Roman soldiers lead by the praetor Glaber, and leater on by Varinius. In 72 B.C. he consecutivaley smashed the legions Gnaeus Gornelius Lentulus and Lucius Publicola, as well as the one of Governor Longinus.
Agains Spartacus has been sent another Roman legion lead by Marcus Licinus Grassus who succeeded after a hard battle to suppress the slave revolt in the region of Apulia. The 6,000 captured insurgents, who were not lucky enough to die in the battle, were crucified along the road from Capua to Rome. All his life Spartacus never forgot his native Thracian land and always dreamt to close his day under its blue sky.
Фолклорни фестивали и събори
The figure of the most talented ancient leader, and the organized by him biggest rebellion against Rome, has become an inspiration to many writers, including modern ones, who have made the character of the Thracian a hero

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