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Фолклорни фестивали и събори
Believe us, you don‘t know Bulgaria. Perhaps this is the only place in Europe, expected to be found.

Bulgaria is not a shiny country.

Besides the capital and several major cities. The world is not interested in Bulgaria. There are no spectacular things. There are no huge buildings, no huge mountains, no huge seas and oceans. There is nothing like that. Bulgaria is like a lily of the valley. You should stoop to find her. To make an effort to feel and smell. There is no place for the ordinary tourist who looking through the window of the bus. The ordinary tourists will be disappointed. Of these tourists, I suggest not to read more the written.
To discover Bulgaria you have to go and dusted. The major roads will not show you anything. Bulgaria is not the big tour operators, the big cities, the big buses or big hotels. Anywhere in the world they are the same.
Bulgaria is hiding from the world. Untamed people we are, but real. The more you are away from the big crowds, the stronger you will feel the beauty of Bulgaria. Depart from highway and take the small path. And you will find that Bulgaria is delicate. Mountains are delicate, nature are delicate, folk customs are delicate, people are sensitive. Everything is intimate and hidden. All true things in Bulgaria are the small things. The small hidden villages, the small rivers, the small valleys, the small monasteries. You need to find him. Only one thing in Bulgaria is big – the People. Bulgaria is a tolerant country. There is no radical religions. But Bulgarians keep their traditions. Real people of Bulgaria are silent and strong. They can show you the beauty, the beauty of nature and beauty among the people. If a local person becomes your friend, it will help you always, even in the most difficult moments. Bulgaria is dusty country. The world is not very interested in it. And it is magnificent!
Here is a place for adventure and discovery. Did you know that Bulgaria ranks third in the prize cultural heritage in Europe? The number and variety of cultural and historical monuments in front of us are only Italy and Greece.
Enchantment, Colors and Feelings
My country is not revealed to anyone. There is need of courage and strength.
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And it is certain that you'll love it.

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Do you know what is Bulgaria?
Bulgarians, but also Thracians, Slavs, Vayatsi, Romans, Greeks, Bulgarians Muslims, pagan beliefs and rituals, Vlachs, Jews, Banat Bulgarians, Armenians, Catholics, Celts with King Cavar, Tatars, Old Believers, Polish, crusaders, Odrysians, Dionysus, Orpheus, Krum the Terrible, Simeon the Great, Bessi, Valley of the Thracian Kings, Dragon's Houses dolmen by the Begliktash, fire-dancers, Orthodox, Alevi, Russians, Goths and bishop Ulfilas, Sunnis, Karakachans (σαρακατσάνος), Torlakian. Mix it all, sprinkle it with a pinch of sea salt, grind blade Mursala tea on top and leave it in the sun.

Фолклорни фестивали и събори

This is Bulgaria.

What you do not know about Bulgaria :

The only country under Nazi occupation, where the Jewish population has increased. In Bulgaria there are 48 565 (prewar) and 49 172 after the war. Bulgaria saved its Jews.

To be translated into English this cultural wealth, there are needed great efforts and finances.

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